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Who Can Win The Monaco F1 2016?

Lewis-hamilton-nico-rosburg-F1-2015What was your most interesting bit in the 2015 F1 championship? Most likely you were always looking out for Lewis Hamilton vs. Nico Rosberg drama. While not much happened this year between the two on the track, there was some drama during the Monaco GP which is one of the most outstanding circuits on the calendar.

So, is Monaco F1 2016 going to spice up things again this year?  Well, to be sure you just have to look at probable winners and the teams that will be behind them to appreciate what lies ahead.

If you are like most F1 enthusiasts, you must have enjoyed the intrigues of Pastor Maldonado who continued to amaze not for winning, but for his propensity for crashing. Then, there was the Max Verstappen revelation which won even the earlier skeptics.

But who can really ace it at the legendary Monte Carlo Streets? Here are the prospects:

1.       Nico Rosberg

The German is always on top form on this circuit and has his adopted home’s crowd behind him. For the last two years, he has frustrated his closest challenger and team mate Lewis Hamilton. He already has 3 wins in the principality, and there is no doubt the Mercedes driver wants to win records. He has proven in the last three races of the 2015 season he can win pole and transform it to a win comfortably, ‘Lewis be warned.’

2.       Lewis Hamilton

Has Lewis relaxed or has Rosberg discovered his form? One thing for sure is, that the hunger and ambition that drives raw drivers like Hamilton and Ayrton Senna, is still there in the Briton. While he has lost to Hamilton in Monaco, you just need to remember his 2008 win in the rain to appreciate what kind of a daring driver he can be.  This year, an ill-judged pit stop clearly stole his second title on Monte Carlo Streets and you can bet he will go for revenge in May next 2016.

Daniel_Ricciardo_20153.       Daniel Ricciardo

Could the Australian be the most underrated Formula One driver today? Just looking at his 2014 inaugural season as a rookie, it is obvious that the Red Bull driver deserves more recognition. While 2015 has been frustrating for him, you have to appreciate that the entire team has struggled with a frosty relationship with engine maker Renault; almost ending the team’s F1 participation. With a new agreement, the car will obviously be better and you can bet Ricciardo can ace it at Monaco.

sebastian-vettel4.       Sebastian Vettel

The German might not have been very lucky in Monaco with his only win back in 2011. With Ferrari expected to pose a stronger challenge next year, Sebastian who is rated among the best F1 drivers on the grid today can go on and win the Monaco F1 2016. He has the thirst, ambition and is one of the most rounded drivers on the grid apart from Alonso and Hamilton.

Even before FIA confirms the actual dates for the race, there will be a lot of anticipation for track action. Though five races will have gone down, there is no denying that the iconic Monte Carlo Streets will be the highlight of the season.